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Featured in Mueller Magazine of Austin, Texas, June 2024 -  In honor of June as Brain Health and Alzheimer's Awareness month

"Keys to a Healthier Brain"

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People often think of brain issues as something that primarily affects

the elderly. Kubelka teaches that healthy brain function in later

years starts with a healthy lifestyle throughout one’s life.

Inspired by her own mother’s 10-year battle with Alzheimer’s disease

and the toll it took on her personally, Kubelka decided to channel her

emotions and make positive changes in her own life by learning new

strategies for optimal health.

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Featured in the volunteer highlight by Alzheimer's Association for exceptional volunteerism as a Community Educator.

"Parents' passing inspires change for health coach"

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Caring for and watching both of her parents age, particularly her mother who lived her final years with Alzheimer’s disease, had a profound effect on Regina Kubelka. A graphic designer with 20+ years of experience at her craft, the co-resident of Colorado and Texas realized that she couldn’t continue to live her life the same way.

Five years later, Kubelka has channeled the motivation she felt from her parents’ passing to not only totally change her own life, but she is creating meaningful change for people all over the country...

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Featured in Mountain Mail newspaper for her work with Noom and Alzheimer's Association

"Local Noom coach helps people make meaningful changes"

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“Watching the progression of my mother with Alzheimer’s changed my thinking about what I wanted to do the rest of my life,” Kubelka said. “I got passionate about my own health after seeing what my parents went through and about what I could do to reduce my own risk.”

Participating in grief and caregiver support groups with the Alzheimer’s Association while she was going through her own situation contributed to her career change....

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Thank you so much for helping me unravel my unhealthy eating issues. Your guidance and insight really helped me overcome the day to day challenges and start new healthy habits! Your suggestions are easily manageable and easy to fit into my day.  I really appreciated the questions you asked that prompted me to dig a little deeper and think into the future, the visualization, in combination with the walking and increase in physical activity have allowed me to lose weight during a time that I would have most definitely gained it! I really love the statement - Food is Information - and now I stop to think, what do I want to tell my body.... Thank you for taking the time to really listen to my concerns and remind me of the progress that I made when I wasn't so sure. I really felt like I had someone on my side! 

Off to eat the rainbow!🌈🌈🌈🌈  - Client

What really helped me was having little goals each week to work on, and then reporting back to you the following on how I did. I wasn't expecting that so there was no way I could blow it off:) We talked not only of healthy eating but the stress that I was under, and how to take "care of myself". So many people the past weeks, months had said the exact same thing..."take care of yourself", but I honestly didn't know how to start. The gentle guidance you gave me opened my mind of what I should and could do to keep myself strong and healthy. The day after our last sessions I decided to go buy stain and re stain the deck railings. I felt motivated! That is the word I use to describe my sessions, motivated to do things I need to do and also take care of myself.  - Client

I really appreciate all your help and support! I'm thrilled that I lost almost 40 pounds. I have a new mindset about food, and I know it'll help me keep making good choices. I've also managed to maintain my weight without constant tracking, which is so important to my health long term. I know there will be weight gain, but I'm thankful to have found something to return to in the future. Thank you for always checking in and cheering me on! You really helped keep me motivated.  - Client


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