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Create Healthy Brain Habits Today

Reduce Your Risk for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Tomorrow

After witnessing a loved one experience the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s or dementia, you may be worried about developing the disease, too.


The Healthy Brain Habits JumpStart program was created just for you.


This program will help you implement new daily habits for better brain health. It will:


  • Reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia

  • Improve your mobility and cognitive health

  • Provide you with more freedom and less time at the doctor's office so you can spend more time doing what you love with the people you love, as you age

A study published by NIH found that patients with mild dementia, mild cognitive impairment, or subjective cognitive decline had measurable improvements in cognitive and social activity and quality of life after increasing their physical activity and adopting the Mediterranean diet.
A two-year study by UCSF showed that individuals who included health coaching in their routine reduced their risk of Alzheimer's up to 30%, as they performed better on cognitive tests.
What is a brain healthy lifestyle? On the "Today" Show, Maria Shriver and Dr. Laura Baker shared the latest research that shows exercise, good nutrition and managing blood sugar can protect your brain health and even help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 

This five-week program will transform your life

Together, we will identify and remove the obstacles to behavior change so you can adopt the habits that will set you up for a lifetime of success.


Then, we will implement valuable new habits so you develop the skills to be successful in the long term and continue on your own.


And I will be right by your side, offering:


  • Real-time support during the critical first weeks of changing your habits so they become your new normal

  • Tips and resources so you fully understand how and why your new habits improve your life

“What really helped me was having little goals each week to work on, and then reporting back to you the following on how I did.
We talked not only of healthy eating but the stress that I was under, and how to take "care of myself". The gentle guidance you gave me opened my mind of what I should and could do to keep myself strong and healthy.”

- R.D., Client

Meet your health coach, Regina

I have been in your shoes.

My mother lived with Alzheimer’s for 10 years, and I can relate to the concerns weighing on your shoulders. 


I turned those feelings of helplessness into new, healthy habits that support brain health. It left me feeling so empowered that I was eager to bring it to others. And thus, this program was born.


As a certified health coach, trained in functional medicine, and Alzheimer’s Association Community Educator, I will provide you with actionable guidance that will turn into long-lasting benefits.


During my 4-year tenure at Noom, I helped thousands of people around the world to create healthy habits through behavior change. I can’t wait to do the same for you.


- Get Started Today -

What’s included in Healthy Brain Habits JumpStart

Let's chat and see if the Program is right for you.

  • Personalized plan tailored to your specific needs

  • 5 one-on-one sessions

  • Educational handouts and tools on modifiable risk factors and brain health

  • Accountability check-ins between sessions

  • Access to the BURST! Online community chat space and tips


Plus two bonuses!

  • Resource Guide for foods, vitamins, and exercises to improve brain health

  • Habit tracker so you can stay on track with your new healthy habits


Cost: $497

S.A., Client

“Just know you were the perfect coach for me. I appreciate your role in my nearly year-long journey to a healthy lifestyle
very much!"

P. B., Client

"Thank you so much for helping me unravel my unhealthy eating issues. Your guidance and insight really helped me overcome the day to day challenges and start new healthy habits!"

C.M., Client

"Loved our sessions together! You had a way to really get to the heart of the matter and make suggestions to change the way I respond to different triggers, by giving me suggestions of healthy manageable things to do instead."


I am so busy - how do I find the time?


Healthy habits are like a form of health insurance. Invest now, and reap the benefits later.


And like insurance, if you wait, it will be expensive. Starting as early as your 30s, your lifestyle choices add to your risk later in life. 


We will work together to make small changes now to avoid big changes later. 

Will I have to give up my favorite foods?


Don’t worry - you don’t have to give up anything. It’s about creating balance! 


We’ll work together to swap foods and make reasonable changes in your routine that you will find joy in.


Why is the program so expensive?


Contrast the cost of the program with long term nursing home care:


The average monthly cost of memory care in the United States is $6,935, according to 2021 NIC statistics. With inflation, that number will only rise over the years. 


The Healthy Brain Habits JumpStart program costs 15% of ONE month in a memory care facility.


Change is hard for me. How do I know the program will help?


We will start with small, attainable changes that you CAN do. It is the best way to show yourself that you CAN have success with habit change. 


As you see success, you can slowly build from there, always knowing that you have my support and accountability. 


A few years ago, I worked with Susan, a 65 year old who was mired in grief and struggling with brain fog. She hadn’t exercised regularly for five years and was subsisting on a carb- and fast-food heavy diet.


In just three sessions, she transformed from fearful and anxious to positive and energetic. She reported that she was now going to a one-hour aerobic class at a gym four times a week and intended to continue.  


If you’d like to experience positive, healthy, and doable change in your life - like Susan did - I’d love to help you.

“You have been so wonderful and helpful on my journey, I very much appreciate you and everything you’ve done for me! Thank you again for your continued belief in me and support - it has meant so much.”

- Susan, Client

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